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  • Gould Oh posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Video game consoles came a considerable ways since Atari 2600 system and "Pong". Then when discussing the most used gaming systems, it could be logical to imagine that last year’s top console could consistently be one of probably the most up-to-date systems. The Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and Ps3 would one thinks of.

    Do you want for the shocker? The most famous video game console of April, 2009 was the PlayStation 2! Yes, it does not take same system that Sony had released nearly 10 years earlier, in 2000. About 140 million units and a pair of,000 games later, the PS2 continues to be going strong.

    You may be wondering: bed not the culprit the "most popular" console being defined? PS2 earned the title determined by recent Nielsen ratings. The ratings are calculated by totally the number of minutes gamers spent playing particular consoles, throughout an entire month. When Nielsen published its statistics for April of 2009, Ps2 what food was in the superior, earning 21.6% coming from all gaming minutes that month. The next most favored system was directly on the PS2’s tail, with Xbox 360 system earning 21.1% of the total minutes. Nintendo Wii was farther behind, at 17.6%, and PlayStation 3 was next at 10.5%.

    You need to certainly take these figures having a dose of skepticism. One factor is always that in April 2009, Xbox games were selling better than all of those other video game consoles. Also, Nintendo released a lot of original titles towards the latter half 2009. In reality, by November of 2009, the PS2 dropped to second invest the Nielsen ratings (19.8%). The Xbox 360 system was king in the ratings, earning 24.1% of usage minutes. Meanwhile, the Wii took third place (16.0%), and also the PS3 what food was in fourth place (12.4)

    Nonetheless, the endurance in the PS2 are few things less than incredible, considering how rapidly the gaming industry changes. Still, newer doesn’t always mean better. Remember every one of the hype surrounding Sony’s unveiling from the PS3? Nielsen’s figures demonstrate that it’s fallen well behind the Xbox 360 and Wii, regarding minutes played. So there is something being said about winning contests around the oldie-but-goodie PS2.

    Why don’t you consider those Nielsen ratings for Computer games? "World of Warcraft" may be the most famous PC game on planet Earth. In reality, it isn’t even close! When Nielsen released its monthly figures in April of 2009, about 45% of all minutes that PC gamers compiled were for "World of Warcraft" alone. Interestingly, while players average more hours playing other games, those games have fewer players. Since November 2009, "World of Warcraft" still topped the charts, with "Warcraft 3" earning the 2nd spot. Gamers weekly spent eight.7 hours and 7.6 hours playing the two games, respectively.

    It remains seen what sort of gaming systems will rank in Nielsen’s ratings, really. The PS2 will likely drop further within the charts, as newer systems produce higher games. But think about the fact that on average, gamers continue to be spending twice as much time playing PS2, because they are playing PS3!

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