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    Just add the ingredients, press a few buttons, and sit back while the Panasonic SD-RD250 bread machine creates a healthy home made loaf of bread for you.This breadmaker is also very flexible and customizable. You can use it to create bread in two different loaf sizes and two crust colors by programming the LCD display unit. It has five different baking modes that also accommodate options for pizza and pasta.Like the other breadmaker, this one has a programmable timer that will allow you to set it to cook bread up to 13 hours in advance. This is handy if you would like to have bread ready just as you wake up in the morning. It has a unique dispenser for raisins and nuts that ensure an even distribution of your favorite ingredient.Panasonic Bread Maker SD-RD250 Features– SD-RD250 Panasonic Bread Machine weight: 19 pounds– It has dimensions of 12.8×11.1×14.5″- The Panasonic bread machine is controlled by a microprocessor that ensures even baking.- It comes with a dispenser for fruits and nuts.- It can be programmed with five different baking modes.- It is easy to use and has a large LCD readout.- The Panasonic bread maker is white.- Preset timer up to thirteen hours.- The product has a non-stick coated pan, which is diamond fluorine.Panasonic Bread Maker SD-RD250 ReviewAbout the ProductIf you’re looking for a great value bread maker that dispenses fruit and/or nuts into the mix then this Panasonic bread machine might be perfect product for you. What we really like about this product is that, unlike other bread makers on the market, this one will evenly scatter the fruits or nuts through the mixture instead of clumping some together.What you might also like about this bread machine is that it has many options and settings. It can make bread in two sizes, in two crust colors, and can also make a variety of food options including cake and pizza dough among others. This Panasonic bread maker has a very impressive 4.6/5 stars customer review rating.Panasonic Bread Maker SD-RD250: The Negative ReviewsGenerally the feedback for this Panasonic breadmaker has been very good, but the product is not without its complaints. One thing that we have noticed plenty of times throughout the reviews for the product is that it doesn’t cater for users looking to make 100% whole wheat bread. Many customers have purchased it without realizing that it wasn’t created to make 100% whole wheat bread. We would like to advise our readers that it is a great bread maker but if you need to make 100% whole wheat bread then this isn’t the right product for you.One other complaint made was for the product’s lack of a viewing window. The manufacturer’s reason for why this is so is because it reflects the heat better inside of the unit, which we appreciate.Panasonic Breadmaker SD-RD250: The Positive ReviewsThe majority of the feedback for the Panasonic bread machine has been bread machine reviews overwhelmingly positive. What customers seem most impressed with about this product is just how easy it is to use.