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    Perimenopause is the manifestation of the cessation in the the reproductive system of your woman the indication of termination in the monthly period for 12 consequent months. One of the most prominent characteristic of Perimenopause is fluctuating menstrual cycles, revealing the reduction in reproductive capabilities. For a lot of this is worrisome especially to those who’re gonna attain the age, but it’s a normal natural procedure when the estrogen level starts decreasing rapidly. It is a sign of hormone imbalance.

    Because of less or no ovulation before menopause, perimenopause symptoms appear. In a healthy and ovulating woman, estrogen is made during the first part and progesterone is produced through the later section of the monthly cycle. If you find no ovulation then there won’t be any progesterone produced. Perimenopause can happen as a result of don’t have any progesterone production and hormonal imbalance.

    There are several signs of pre-menopause a woman has to experience. Ten most typical symptoms observed during Perimenopause are:

    · Moodiness, anxiety and depression

    · Hot flashes and night sweating,

    · Vaginal dryness,

    · Tender Breasts,

    · Weakened fingernails,

    · Water Retention and Unexplained Fat gain

    · Sleep issues,

    · Hair thinning, or hair thinning and increased undesired facial hair,

    · Itchy skin, crawly sensation on skin,

    · Aches and pains in muscle and joints

    Previously discussed the signs of perimenopause indicate that woman is reaching the era of menopause and her monthly menstrual period is coming to a complete stop. Symptoms alter from woman to woman and will affect women differently.

    Pre-menopause can be an inevitable and natural process just about all a distressful stage in the woman’s life. It affects each woman within a different manner. The signs and symptoms of pre-menopause will last for months or will last for many years only.

    All the previously discussed symptoms result in many difficult situations and make her vunerable to illness. Therefore, a good idea is for every woman to view a doctor once this stage starts as some symptoms can lead to major complication like; sweating at night may result in sleep disorders which inturn could cause tiredness and fatigue. This way one symptom can result in another. Just a good doctor might help and suggest best remedies to lessen the anguish of those symptoms and lead a much better after menopause life.

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