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    Candace has lived in Vancouver for upwards of 25 years. Candace has lived and worked within the Kerrisdale / Shaughnessy area and specializes in the therapy lamp.

    Philosophy"The significance of home will not be underestimated. House is where we start by getting and end daily. It can be where we collect our things along with our thoughts, where we talk with those nearest to us and discover rest from the outside world. Property is besides a roof over our heads, it is really an integral part of our lives." CANDACE ROHRICK Shaughnessy Realtor®

    Candace carries a background in communications and design. Over the years she has honed her skills in marketing while developing a keen eye for properties with potential. Her education in journalism and home design in addition to over 25 years or so checking Vancouver housing market has enabled her to supply her clients a thorough real estate experience.

    Candace holds an essential belief that the importance of home won’t be underestimated. It’s where starting our day, end our day, raise our families, celebrate and recharge. Residence is an integral part of our way of life.

    Candace is incredibly passionate about home; she loves cooking, decorating and entertaining. Candace also loves traveling, hiking the local mountains along with frequenting Vancouver’s many shops and restaurants.

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